Textured surface technique/tutorial

Hello everyone, i said on my Facebook page that I would do a blog tutorial on this very simple but effective textured surface technique and here it is. My first ever too! if it’s a success I may just do more 😉
what you will need to start off with is old music score, glue, used tea bags, some paints, a paint brush, inks and a little water. I shall explain the process and examples of products I’ve used as I go along.


Step 1
Firstly you will need to empty out old and used tea bags. Cut them so they open flat then Rinse them under the tap to get any granules off. Then you will need your glue.
The glue I have used is “mod podge” matte-mat-mate. But I guess you could use PVA.
Using my paint brush I’ve put a thin layer over the music score, then laid over them empty tea bags and applied more glue over the top.


Step 2
Once dried and you can speed up the process with a heat tool. You can then apply a thin layer of light coloured acrylic paint to the area you are wanting to place your image. In this case a butterfly.


Step 3
Once this is dry then you will need to apply your image. I’ve used a stamp with “rangers” archival in grey or “watering can”


Step 4
Then I roughly tore around the edges then added some depth by adding some ink around them and gave it more of an aged look. This also brings out the texture more too.
I’ve started by using “Tim Holtz” scattered straw distress ink.


Then I have used “memento” rich cocoa ink around the edges to darken them.


Step 5
Using water colour, I coloured the butterfly. You could use any paint for this.


I also, using a very fine brush I added more detail to the butterfly.


Step 6
When the paint has dried, apply a very quick, light and thin layer of glue again to seal it. The mod podge I used earlier will be fine. You don’t have to do this but if you do, make sure it’s a quick one sweep seal as the paint can smudge with it.
Also I very nearly forgot! I also added some type at two of the corners with a script stamp.

You can also use tissue and crepe paper but I do like this idea of using something you have already (if you drink tea if course) 😉

Well I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and have great fun if you have a go yourselves 🙂



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