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Waterfall tutorial 

Hello! A few people have asked how I make my waterfalls so i thought I’d do a tutorial for you all. Here is one of my most recent but I shall keep this tutorial a simple one using 2 different coloured cards. Have fun! 😉 

What you will need!

2 12×12 inch card stock. Preferably 2 different colours. 

A pair of scissors 


Double sided sticky tape 


Paper cutter

Score board

1 inch circular punch (optional)


Small hole punch

***Step 1***

Cut 1 9inch by 2 inch length and then another 7 inch by 2 inch. These will act as your middle piece that will make the waterfall function.   

***Step 2***

Cut 1 piece of card stock at 8inch by 6 inch across. Then another at 7inch by 5. This will sit on top of the larger piece. This will be your base.

***Step 3***


Preferably using a paper trimmer, cut 4 3inch by 3inch squares and then using the other colour cut 4 2.1/2 inch by 2.1/2inch squares. 

***Step 4***

The last peice to be cut is a 6 inch by 1.1/2 inch length (this will be the “across strip”)

(Now to put it together)! 

***Step 5***


Glue your base and your squares together. I’ve used the lighter shade card as the smaller pieces to be placed on top, to make it clearer to see. 

***Step 6***

Taking your longest length score at 1cm 2, 3 and 4. Then get the slightly smaller length and glue it on top of the longer length leaving the scored end free at one end.

***Step 7***

  Using the circle punch, punch out half of the circle at the bottom end. 
I’ve also used a little hole punch and punched a hole half a centimetre above the circle punch and attached a ribbon through. This will act as a pully. Get your squares and double sided tape.

Turn the scored length over and stick double sided tape along the centimetre scores. This is where you will place your squares.

***Step 8***


Making sure you line up each square against the next and along the score lines.  Starting at the end working your way up, stick each square. 

If you prefer you could use glue to do this. Glue will give you more movement to line it up straight. Tape is nice and strong but once stuck it’s very hard to adjust! 

***Step 9***

Once stuck, turn the squares over to the front side. 

***Step 10***


Now to line up your waterfall to the base. 

Take your base and the last length you cut and lightly mark out where to position your waterfall. The pully length will go under the length that goes across. Now You want the bottom square edge to line up over the length that will go across your base. 

***Step 11***

Put double sided tape or glue at each end of the strip that goes across the base. Stick at each end against your marks.

***Step 12***

Add tape or glue to the underside of the bottom square. 

***Step 13***

Making sure your middle “pully length” goes under the across strip, Stick the bottom square firmly down half way over the length that goes across. 

Ta Dah! You have a waterfall! Watch the magic happen as you pull the pully down! 🙂